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Dance Photography - Showstopper Photography


You've paid for the lessons, you've bought the capture it all in priceless, exquisite portraits by Showstopper Photography. We at Showstopper Photography recognize that a lot of time and hard work goes into each dance class. Year after year your child practices and performs his/her very best. Reward all that hard work by preserving all those precious years with beautiful portraits that will be enjoyed for years to come. Let us capture your child's extraordinary talent and personality in fabulous portraits that you will be proud to display. Don't let these years go by without professional portraits of your future 'Broadway Star'. Call 610 495-1900 today or email:
If you are a dance studio owner or director give us a call. We can put together a portrait session for all your students at your studio. We have special packages prices and photo products with fund raising options to suit your specific needs.
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Thank you for choosing Showstopper Photography!

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