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School Photography - Showstopper Photography


No matter how large or small your school is, whether it's pre-school, public or private, "Showstopper Photography" wants to be your childrens' photographer. We are a local independent studio not one of those huge impersonal photography chains. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the personal attention and quality service they expect and deserve. Because of this we are able to customize any photography project to fit the needs of your school, and are able to offer solutions that big photography companies can never offer. Not only can we provide photography services in the Fall and Spring, but we are also available year round for all your photographic needs.
In addition to great portraits some of the services we can provide include ID cards/ badges, composites, group portraits, Administration & yearbook CD'S, and more. Just ask, chances are we can do it!

At our initial meeting, we will set up portrait days that fit best with your schedule.
We will provide you with materials in advance so parents are made aware of photo day.
These include:
1. Pre-pay envelopes with attached flyer announcing picture day with prices and instructions for ordering.
2. Wall posters for the facility to display date of picture day.
You can pick out colors, props and backgrounds or you can leave that to us. We have great posing ideas & techniques that brings out the best in every child, infants included. The results are simply adorable!
We use only the best professional digital equipment, materials and lab. These aren't your typical school photos, but quality portraits you will love and be proud to display.

We have generous portrait packages to choose from, with prices for every budget and quick turn-a-round. We also have unique ad ons to our packages that parents love, some you probably have never seen!

There is no set up fees or hidden charges. We offer the usual & customary commission to the facility's fund raising program for every package purchased. We will meet or beat any offers your current school photography company is offering.

As you can see choosing "Showstopper Photography" is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

We appreciate your business! Thank you for supporting small business and choosing "Showstopper Photography"!

For more information, please call 610 495-1900 or email: